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in S07E01  when pike tells jane (i was offering her a life, a home, family if she wanted, a future) notice the look on jan's face and the music, this is red john's thing, it's almost what Lorelei said to jane in S04 so pike ether red john or connected to red john, also in S06 when red john painted the smiley face on lisbon's face in the same season pike comes to take lisbon from jane.  

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Well, the US might not air till Sunday but Canada aired the episode Thursday night and I was not disappointed.  It's titled "Nothing But Blue Skies" but they went out of their way to over-include the color red when filming and at the very beginning of the episode the music seemed reminiscent of the RJ drum beat.  I'm not saying the RJ is likely to come back because the whole episode was full of call backs to classic episodes but this episode would set it up nicely if that were the case.
The titles of the episodes this season go through the entire color pallet except the color red and what do you know but the season finale is the only episode that's been left untitled.  
In previous theories, I've theorized that RJ's secondary colors are orange and yellow.  Orange is the tiger's color and the color of fire/explosions.  Yellow is the color of the flowers RJ left Jane after killing Bosco.  (Jane's colors are blues and Lisbon's are green).  Episode 3 is orange, episodes 4 and 7 are yellow, episode 11 is purple which is a mix of blue and red, 12 is brown which could be dried blood, and 13 could be red.  If I were to insert a hunt for RJ into the titles this is how it would look:

7x01: "Nothing But Blue Skies"        -everything seems fine but remember the RJ smiley in the sky
7x02: "The Graybar Hotel"               -gray prison bars = stripes = tiger      
7x03: "Orange Blossom Ice Cream" -orange for tiger tiger or RJ
7x04: "A Hint of Yellow"                     -a hint of RJ
7x05: "The Silver Briefcase"              -silver is the color of Mashburn's car
7x06: "Green Light"                            -Lisbon and the audience come on board to Jane's plan
7x07: "Little Yellow House"                -RJ's house
7x08: "The Whites of His Eyes"         -Jane gets too close and RJ finds out at end of episode
7x09: "Copper Bullet"                          - RJ's move and Jane realizes RJ is on to him at end
7x10: "Nothing Gold Can Stay"          -everything goes to hell
7x11: "Byzantium"                              -long awaited meeting of RJ and Jane, mix blue and red
7x12: "Brown Shag Carpet"               -dried blood -  Vanpelt and Rigsby murdered, the child lives

7x13  ?                                                -Jane catches RJ, Jane & Lisbon raise the child

And yes, I'm stilling theorizing under the idea that RJ is Walter Mashburn.  We saw him shake hands with Jane, has a mild dirt phobia, his episodes are full of the color red, is the only suspect that even comes close to having a similar personality to Jane's, lost his wife to Yuri, childhood issues that resulted in reform school, extensive experience with explosions, continually baits Jane, has the funds to be RJ, has talked to Jane about Jane's issues, only suspect that was carefully developed into a three-dimensional character, one of his episodes was written by Jordan Harper who is writing episodes 2, 5, and 11 - which are the two episodes with silver/gray and byzantium which is closest to red.

If I'm right, then RJ tried to use Jane to expose the tiger tiger group in the S2 finale with the words "tiger, tiger."  S3 was Jane accidentally antagonizing the tiger tiger group in his search for RJ and RJ deciding to give Jane closure because he wanted to get to know him as Mashburn or because he was insulted by the mess Jane made with tiger tiger.  S4 was Jane reaching out to RJ with an offer of friendship and then RJ getting pissed when it was a con.  S5 was Lorelei's and it brought the game to dangerous levels with tiger tiger and Jane knowing he'd met RJ and making the list in the notebook of his suspects and RJ countering by sending Jane a list of tiger tiger suspects.  S6 Jane takes out tiger tiger and fakes the explosion and deaths of the people in the house.  Jane made a plan with McAllister, Stiles, and Haffner(Stile's Visualize puppy inside law enforcement) to take out tiger tiger and to throw RJ off track.  McAllister and Stiles will return to help Jane.  McAllister will give the names of all the tiger tiger members and Stiles will return to his cult.

One last stupid theory to hope for . . . but the season looks promising regardless of any ludicrous theories I might write out.

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Well, the new fall season is upon us and I'm curious what you all will
be watching.  Some of you say you have no desire to watch Gotham because
it's a Heller production and you are boycotting.  Personally, I'm just
not into superpower comic book stories made into TV series or even
movies so.... pass. 
Since I'm one of those old ladies that enjoys
drama and good writing *cough* I'm looking forward to Madam Secretary
with Tea Leoni.  Women in power positions are usually a good thing if
there are enough women on the executive boards and creative writing
team.  Otherwise we get smart women on TV that are usually portrayed
from a closeup angle of their Victoria Secret bra's in smoky dim
lighting.  Although, I will admit they are tossing in the old lady
candy tease named Tim Daly as her husband.  (Will this man ever find a show of his very own?) 
Other than the return of Hannibal I cannot say that the new fall season is looking all that stellar. 


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 it is quite simple if you remember how Jane operates and the idea of the show has been and is ...at least so far true to.

Jane tried to lure RJ out but going on his own and separating from the CBI in Vegas. He is betting that the actual RJ will miss his playful rival and reveal himself now that Jane is completely out of the picture. That is overly simplified but it is the idea of how Jane operates. McAllister could not have been RJ for so many reasons, such as he was not afraid of heights. Remember how secretively Jane is. Just like RJ. Go figure......

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When Kira Tinsley was killed, the bloody smile was not displayed.

How can 
Red John forget that detail?

I still think MacAllister was the right hand of RJ. He made the killing of Kira Tinsley when RJ was not present.

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Hi again guys.

I will show a theory to explain the Heinbach issue.

Not very convincing that Heinbach, a failed pedophile, suddenly becomes a hacker and an accomplished assassin.

With the idea that RJ still is out there, he made Heinbach his disciple. Maybe he gave him what he most wanted in life, and then asked for devotion and sacrifice.

He was used to kill specifically LaRoche and Ardilles. Both were Blake Association.
The list of the hacked phones were to just merely make believe that was a full revenge against the CBI.

LaRoche was BA, he said tyger tyger to Bertram, i think in the first chapter of the 3rd season (and of course, the tongue he got).
Ardilles was a lawyer, involved in many cases, so we can have few doubts about it.

So it was a brilliant plan of the great strategist RJ. He provided all the resources to Herinbach, so he can eliminate that guys. Maybe they were a risk for RJ.

Another thing I think is that Jane still know that RJ is out there. The ring issue is an interesting indicator. That was a problem with Lisbon, he wanted to catch RJ to be free, but love could not wait more.

I think is time for RJ to retire, he won't risk without a network inside the FBI first.

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let me get this straight.  Mcallister being RJ was at Jane's house.  He planted a bomb that killed visualize.  He felt the need to move the bodies of bertram, smith, and Jane to safety just before the bomb went off.  then, a couple of days later, he changes his mind and thinks all 3 need to die?????  what kind of sense does that make???  How about NONE!!!

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