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Walter Mashburn

Walter Mashburn
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Well, the new fall season is upon us and I'm curious what you all will
be watching.  Some of you say you have no desire to watch Gotham because
it's a Heller production and you are boycotting.  Personally, I'm just
not into superpower comic book stories made into TV series or even
movies so.... pass. 
Since I'm one of those old ladies that enjoys
drama and good writing *cough* I'm looking forward to Madam Secretary
with Tea Leoni.  Women in power positions are usually a good thing if
there are enough women on the executive boards and creative writing
team.  Otherwise we get smart women on TV that are usually portrayed
from a closeup angle of their Victoria Secret bra's in smoky dim
lighting.  Although, I will admit they are tossing in the old lady
candy tease named Tim Daly as her husband.  (Will this man ever find a show of his very own?) 
Other than the return of Hannibal I cannot say that the new fall season is looking all that stellar. 


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 it is quite simple if you remember how Jane operates and the idea of the show has been and is ...at least so far true to.

Jane tried to lure RJ out but going on his own and separating from the CBI in Vegas. He is betting that the actual RJ will miss his playful rival and reveal himself now that Jane is completely out of the picture. That is overly simplified but it is the idea of how Jane operates. McAllister could not have been RJ for so many reasons, such as he was not afraid of heights. Remember how secretively Jane is. Just like RJ. Go figure......

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When Kira Tinsley was killed, the bloody smile was not displayed.

How can 
Red John forget that detail?

I still think MacAllister was the right hand of RJ. He made the killing of Kira Tinsley when RJ was not present.

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Hi again guys.

I will show a theory to explain the Heinbach issue.

Not very convincing that Heinbach, a failed pedophile, suddenly becomes a hacker and an accomplished assassin.

With the idea that RJ still is out there, he made Heinbach his disciple. Maybe he gave him what he most wanted in life, and then asked for devotion and sacrifice.

He was used to kill specifically LaRoche and Ardilles. Both were Blake Association.
The list of the hacked phones were to just merely make believe that was a full revenge against the CBI.

LaRoche was BA, he said tyger tyger to Bertram, i think in the first chapter of the 3rd season (and of course, the tongue he got).
Ardilles was a lawyer, involved in many cases, so we can have few doubts about it.

So it was a brilliant plan of the great strategist RJ. He provided all the resources to Herinbach, so he can eliminate that guys. Maybe they were a risk for RJ.

Another thing I think is that Jane still know that RJ is out there. The ring issue is an interesting indicator. That was a problem with Lisbon, he wanted to catch RJ to be free, but love could not wait more.

I think is time for RJ to retire, he won't risk without a network inside the FBI first.

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let me get this straight.  Mcallister being RJ was at Jane's house.  He planted a bomb that killed visualize.  He felt the need to move the bodies of bertram, smith, and Jane to safety just before the bomb went off.  then, a couple of days later, he changes his mind and thinks all 3 need to die?????  what kind of sense does that make???  How about NONE!!!

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I don't like McAllister as Red John. Red John has showed to be a great planner and strategist.
This require a mastermind. Why McAllister was stuck being a sheriff?
Not impossible but very unlikely.

I'm not very fond of the Myer-Briggs typology of personality, but to explain in some way why I think McAllister doesn't fit like RJ, check his personality type, ISFJ, the guardian:


Red John could be a INTJ or ENTJ easily.
In great extent that's why Mashburn is my favorite suspect, check his personality type:


Strategist, planner, power-oriented, charismatic and leader.

Another interesting suspect is Bret Stiles, ENFP:


As a great strategist, Red John would never expose himself. He sent Timothy Carter in the end of the 3rd season.
tricked in the end of the fourth. Sent McAllister in he 6th?

He would never have a tattoo in any of his shoulders (that's for foot soldiers and a big risk).
He would never let choose to the enemy the place of meeting. Unless he revised it previously or had a counterplan. He let Jane choose the church.

If he was really in the list of suspects, he would eliminate Jane since it was a great risk.

How I see things Mashburn was in the Visualize farm (he said to Lisbon that was a problematic boy), he became the best student of Bret Stiles and even surpassed him, he got more money and success. And of course, created his own cult.

Stiles always knew who was Red John (once, he gave info to Jane).
Mashburn as Red John could be a sort of voyeur, that let his accomplices, possibly Carter and Stiles, make the killings. 

So McAllister was the guardian and right arm of Mashburn ("I know many local sheriffs" said Mashburn to Lisbon).

So he sacrificed McAllister to Jane (RJ expected a countermove of course). The instructions to McAllister were to make mock of Jane ("I'm psychic") and ask for mercy (just like Red John victims).

What was the point? To make Jane a Red John disciple, the ultimate challenge for him, I guess. He gave to him revenge, and let to know the pleasures of killing without compassion (the perfect simmetry).

By the way, Mashburn fucked Lisbon first.

I was expecting a story line like this, it would be amazing.

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My wishlist for season 7?  
Our recent discussion of "Hannibal" got me to thinking 'what if TM did that?'  You know, went back and started at the very VERY beginning. Let's see how RJ really got to know Patrick Jane and how Jane really got to where he was before he walked thru' the doors at the CBI.  
Yep, tough to do in 13 weeks and very little room for the rest of the cast but hey, give me a couple days.  Betcha I can make it work.

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