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Madeleine Hightower

Madeleine Hightower
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The Patridge death scene has really got me stumped. Lisbon didn't get killed is understandable since she is a main character and she is essential to the show but what I don't get is why
People are theorizing that McAllister was going to kill her but then the pigeons scared him away, but if he has such a phobia how can he stand staying there for sufficient time to draw the smiley on her face. I'm going to make a stab at an assumption that he already made the decision to not kill her when he started to draw the smiley on her face, since the smiley would usually be done with the victim's blood.. and possibly after they're killed.. ? SO YEAH overall WHY DIDN'T HE KILL HER? Was it just a warning to Jane that he could kill her at anytime? It feels like Heller just planted random clues with no elaborate reasoning and made up random scenes with no thorough explanation.

I sure hope they explain it later in the episodes because there are so many things bugging me. 

How do you find this theory?
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