Who is Red John?

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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane
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The craziest f***ing thing I've come across so far.

Last night i discovered something really stunning. I guess everybody has seen the scene where the 3 dotted tatto is discovered at least once, some including myself even multiple times. Jane does a lot of talking and gun pointing. Shortly before the tattoos are revealed Jane as he said the following:

"Kira Tinsley told me something before she passed. She told me that her killer--Red John--has a tattoo. Three dots on his left arm."

While Jane says all this we see his face and we can follow his lips as he says those lines.

After that there is a short sentence added: "On his shoulder"
The camera focuses on Bertram and Smith while these words are said.

Here comes the crazy part:

It is not Simon Bakers voice that says these words!

From what I heard it isn't the voice of any of five suspect sitting there either.

I kind of suspect it's bruno hellers voice, but i am not sure. He usually has a strong British accent, on the other hand he could have worked on that so it doesn't give him away.

If you want to watch the scene here is a youtube clip of it. The part i am talking about starts at 2:15 and the phrase in question is said arround 2:24-2:25.

How do you find this theory?
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