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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane
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Roy Tagliaferro is Patrick Jane!

Rosalind Harker is not blind!

Here is why:

1.) There is the timing in the scence
where Dumar is killed. It takes only 4-5 seconds from the time Dumar
rises until he dies. A couple seconds before we see Jane standing on
the veranda. The pumpgun he uses is Dumars that has been carried out
by a forensic tecnician to the van. From where Jane is standing it's a good
15 to 20 feet to the van. I doubt he could have made that shot
without knowing in advance what was going to happen.

2.) The piano scene

It is
a short scene around 26-27 min in. It's easy to miss, really deceptive in and very important on top of it.
 I have
seen that scene maybe 5 times and still missed the two most important aspects about it
until just now.

It starts off with the music playing showing the house in the
evening just after sunset with a light on in the living room:

camera moves in to show Rosalind playing the piano. Behind her is the
armchair where the elephant sat before. Now it is empty except for
the cardigan she wore that day.

The light remains warm and yellowish as
the camera zooms in to show her play.


The camera cuts to a different
angle. The light has changed from warm yellow articial light to a pale blue
tone of light like natural light. The position of the piano moved. The the piano was facing the wall behind her before and is
now positioned diagonally, also it is further away from the wall. Patrick Jane now sits in the armchair with a teacup in his hand listening with a
sad and thoughtful expression.


So why is this scene so important? What do we learn?

Rosalind is not blind.

There is light in the living room. Why would a blind woman turn on the lights in the evening?

She wouldn't!

Rosalind does therefore she is not blind. There are more circumstantial hints as well. You can see spots on the wall where paintings were removed.


Most of the time she stairs strait ahead, but during her talk with Jane and Lisbon she breaks character and turns her eyes to face Jane and Lisbon. 


She even has the line: "I'm blind, but I'm not blind."

Second thing we learn: It's a flashback!
The only reasonable explanation for all the changes mentioned above is a flashback. As she plays the melody she remembers her time with Roy. That's the reason why we see Jane sitting in the same armchair the elephant (a symbol of memory) was in before.

3.) The
third major element for Roy being Jane is the piano music. It is the Prelude in C major
(BWV 846) from Bachs well tempered piano. The well tempered piano
consists entirely of Preludes and corresponding fugues. There are
actually two Preludes and Fugues in C major (BWV 846+870).

In the talk with Jane and Lisbon Rosalind
mentions that Roy admired Bach for his vigor.

The first time we get
to hear that melody is the piano scene, mentioned above.

The second timeit is played is after Dumar says: "Red John shhh" dies and
the camera starts to zoom out. It is played in the background until closing
credits of the episode.

It is played again in Season 2 as a CD recording in the room Hicks was found.

4.) Oranges
The forth element is the orange.
When Jane and Lisbon question Rosalind there are oranges on the table
one there are even some peeled slices right in front of Rosalind. In the very
last scene we see Jane walking to an orange tree, plucking one,
smelling on it and the proceeding to open it, all that while the prelude in c major slowly coming to an end.

If you look closely at
Patricks face you can see him reminiscing in that first piano scene
as well as the last. When Rosalind is talking about Thanksgiving his
facial expression screams "i am trying very hard to remember the
event you talk about".

There is a very odd shot at the end of the episode that seems very symbolic:

Jane very far away from the victims family, Lisbon inbetween and behind him a Highway Patrol Officer in his car as backup.


It was Highway Patrol Officers who were transporting Rebecca Anderson when she got killed.

How do you find this theory?
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