Who is Red John?

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Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper
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Could Jason Cooper be timothy Farragut ?
Even if he is not him, i believe Farragut faked his death with the help of styles .
Faked his death and created his own underground church.
The bleeding eyes of the red john smiley face is the darkness that seeps out of the visualize eye.
Visualize is the light and red johns church/cult is the darkness.
Harnessing all the negative evil energy and actually using it as opposed to getting rid of it or hiding it .
Do what thou will in other words.

I always thought if Faragut was alive or one of his children were alive they would kill Styles for revenge. But them i thought maybe styles helped out .
Styles seems to be connected to rj somehow. He knew where to find Kristina Freye too.
I also realized that Visualize must be enemies of the BA.
Visualize has its own cops that they control that are not BA.
Its odd that the fbi aka Ba was gunning for Styles right before his "death". Hmm?

Also Linus Wagner is back!
He killed his partner Tannen who was a plastic surgeon. He did so because Tannen was going to expose him for using money to feed African children. I DONT BUT THIS REASONING AT ALL!
There had to be another reason he killed him. Maybe Red John got a nose job and Tannen found out something he shouldn't have.
Two more weeks !

How do you find this theory?
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