Who is Red John?

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Teresa Lisbon

Teresa Lisbon
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they are the strongest people in the universe, they don't even need to see a shrink !
what's wrong with them ?
Haffner dies, they'll cry an other day
Ardiles dies, they don't cry, they prefer to get a warrant to search in a gloomy warehouse at night, I can't even see the point of that.
La Roche dies, whatever happens to his dog, we didn't learn what they could have find in that warehouse, like goldfish they forgot why they came there in a first place.

A hooded hooked nose white man with clean neck skin and a left handed triggered shotgun almost killed a baby and her left handed pistol mother and All they say is : "Good to see you guys" and guess what, a black man is beyond the twelve suspects ! are you freaking kidding me ?

Even if it happened really fast(and was obviously a stuntman not the real suspect), why they didn't try hypnosis or a remembrance technique to get more informations. You can pause at 02:04 to get a good snapshot at him.

How will they act in the next episode ?
How the suspect knew about the new location of the team ? bugged phone again really ?
Does the suspect really want revenge from everyone, or does he really know which one he has to kill ?
Haibach has a wrinkled neck.
And what the hell with John Hutten ?  It said at the end that he was just usually secretly cheating on her wife, why did he let the "screw you sticky note" !

It's like they just throw some candy to keep us on waiting.

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