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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane
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I accuse Patrick Jane of tampering with Sophie Millers psychological profile of Jay Roth. I believe it is actually the psychological profile of Patrick Jane we are listening to.

Remember Jane arrived at Sophie Millers home way before the police did and discovered the digital recorder. The missing patient file of Jay Roth could have been stolen, but it is also possible that it never existed because there was no Jay Roth.

The reason for my suspicion can be found in the scene where Sophie Millers diagnostic is being read out loud.

Here is a youtube clip of that scene:


At arround 1:02 after Kirkland the camera focuses on Janes face. The voice over is saying "though I cannot point to identifiable clinical behaviors that indicate this." Look at his left eye (on the right side from our perspective) there are 3 nervous twitches.

How do you find this theory?
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