Who is Red John?

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Unrevealed suspect

Unrevealed suspect
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Most interesting thing in this episode for me was Graces ring tone. I
didn't notice it the last episode, the melody is different but the
instrument playing is the same as in the jingle the cooperative uses.

think the cooperative will be the replacement for Red John. They helped
Dan Becker in his fight against "big oil" and with their anti
establishment bias they might very well have help Haibach in his fight
against government agents who wronged him. The whole bugging and hacking angle makes much more sense with them as perpetrators as well.

One of the passengers
on the bus vouching for Haibach is Mark Hochmann. Mark Hochman
was also listed as the one bringing forth the sexual harassment charge
against Bryce Kendrick.



Mark Hochman is also one of the unknown  CBI Agents targeted in the bugging.


Other unknown characters on that list are Chris Kieffer, Claudia Chavez, Salvador Palacio, Deborah Chernier and Mike Riner.

Now there is a curious connection to be observed if we look at the list of Janes former clients cross referenced with Lynch Halstedt in back in 116:


We can see that Chris Kieffer, Deborah Chernier, Mike Riner and Claudia Chavez are listed on the Lynch Halstedt records and there is a Herbert Palacio in there as well.

Haibach claims there are three people vouching for him, but actually there are 4 signatures. The first one is Mark Hochman and last one is Allan Davis.

If we look at Janes client list we can see that both Hochman and Davis are listed as former clients of his.  Also worth noting there are clients called "Amy Haffner" and "Karla Kieffer" as well.

How do you find this theory?
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