Who is Red John?

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Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper
Suspected in 21 theories


I love how people tell me to "get over it" when they themselves cant get over it!
If you still come to whoisredjohn.com then YOU ARE NOT OVER IT!
Time is not an issue at all, they did all that they did in episode 1-8 right?
Why not do it again? Realistically all you need is one episode really.
Haibach was not behind the hit-list i am 100 percent sure of that.
These are the suspects to look out for

Cooper- creepy
Haffner- if alive
Fischer-hired by someone other than abbot to watch jane. FACT
Wylie- odd fella
Frye- does she talk yet?
Markus Pike- he is mar

How do you find this theory?
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