Who is Red John?

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Kristina Frye

Kristina Frye
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Lisbon is a such a B-word!
Did she really have to show off in front of Jane like that?
The man still sleeps on a coach in his workplace. 
You would think someone would say "hey Pat you killed Red John how about you get your life together and maybe I don't know, go home? Maybe buy a home? Or a car?"
Jokes aside, this "New Beginning" seems like malarky. Jane is still trapped in the past and seems more depressed than when Red John was alive.

I know this Kristina Freye stuff can hardley be considered proof but it is definitely cool to think about.
So I ask...
*Who in your humble opinion would be the best choice for Red John if he or she is magically still alive?
*What storyline along with the character would be the most intriguing for you?

I get the feeling agent Pike is RJ but that only fills one hole in the plot. He is Mar. Maybe more will pop up as we see him more.
So my favorite scenerio is Kristina Freye. Red John being a female would be a great twist and honestly I have always thought he was a she from the vibe of the character. Ex Being in love with Patrick. Another reason why Macalister was not Red John. Macalister did not love Jane or want to recruit him for anything ever. 
Freye could hypnotize anyone to do and think anything so that fills a million holes right there including her gender.
She could also be working with someone possibly her neice Grace Van Pelt? haha that be nuts!
Or her lover and partner in crime Erika Flynn?!? I would do anything for that woman. Jane has insane self control.

So tell me what your fave? Cbi Ron ? Brett Styles/Haffner? Agent Fischer...

side note: jane should do agent fischer on Lisbons desk. 

How do you find this theory?
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