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Kristina Frye

Kristina Frye
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I found some similarities in this weeks episode and Season 3 Episode 3 "The Blood on His Hands".

The episode from season 3 starts out with Rigsby being late to the crime scene because he was knocking boots all night. Van Pelt make sly remark to him just like Jane did to Lisbon this week.

The episode is also about Kristina Freye. She has been with Red John for 4 MONTHS! i wonder what they did with the time? Crazy Devil Sex? Freye calls into a radio show and sounds fine while giving sound advice.
Its funny that this weeks past episode blatantly wanted us to think of Freye. That body of water line automatically made you think of her.

Its weird that some episodes have the word "his" in them. "His thoughts were red..., the blood on his hands, and that those episodes are both Brett Styles and Visualize episodes.
This episode is also the first time Olaughlin crashes into the scene. Red Johns FBI buddy that was sent to check on visualize. He ended up also spying on CBI.
Its funny how Jane is in the Fbi now after all the shadiness coming from that dept.
Did Rj have a lot of Fbi friends?
The rbi was ready to arrest Styles right before his "death". Why did the Fbi want him so bad? He is like the Dali Lama for f sake.

just some stuff to think about. No answers here, thats the shows' job.

How do you find this theory?
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