Who is Red John?

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Bob Kirkland

Bob Kirkland
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Hmm, I'm kind of confused with the last episode.
From the second I
heard the talking clock and the alarm and the countdown thing, I knew
they would trick the time to make the suspects reveal themselves, despite that, it's still a good trick.
I guessed it was the new wife from her reaction when Patrick accused the husband sat on the couch.
Am I the only one ? well there were only 2 suspects so I'm not proud ^^

What made this a good episode :
- Habbot and Jane, argue about psychic power (reminds me 4x03.
- The "Teresa" thing, and Lisbon still calling him "Jane".
- Everyone got his place in this episode.

I liked the episode, even if they drag it on so long with the state of
Jane's mind, with background development between the new characters (
according to the writing speed, we should wait an entire season to
achieve this).
From episode 8-9, we were supposed to meet the "new
Jane", I feel we still didn't see it. As we know, they wrapped up badly
the red john saga in 8 episode, while there is only 5 episode left until
season finale : I wonder how could they wrap this new stuff in this
short amount of time, and bring us a Real RedJohn ending/reborn at the same time.
In conclusion : we are screwed.

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