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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane
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Just wanted to share a neat documentary I found on youtube. It aired just prior to the season 1 finale. In between a lot of typical idealizing there are a few very interesting tid bits, especially in part 1:


For example around 4:30:
It's Heller describing the show followed by Baker. Bakers facial expression when he talks about deception is just priceless. You can really see how much he appreciates the irony of being deceitful while still giving an honest answer.
They cut back to him again at 5:55, after that there is the the part about mentalism that continues in part 2 and maybe the most interesting thing about that documentary. 

At 0:30 of the second part the show a clip from 116 saying Jane reads Van Pelt non verbals. In fact at that point of time in the episode he is supposed to be blind, if that is in fact the case a very bad example to chose otherwise a great one. Also like that woman mentalists comentary.

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