Who is Red John?

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Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper
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If Red John was not the leader of the BA then i would be a lot cooler with ep 8. If they made Rj a member of the BA for connections but against them thus using jane to take them out it would of been perfect.
A serial killer who is a sheriff? Ok thats fine. A serial killer who is the leader of a mafia like gang of law enforcement is ridic!
All they had to do was tweak it so that he was not the leader, thats all!

Some soft voiced serial killer who controls 1000 powerful people and nobody knows who he is was the problem for me. If i was a senator and some soft voiced weirdo called me and said "do this" id say f u!
At the same time we have 1 ep left of hope. The fbi is the key since rj seemed to have a friend in the fbi plus the fbi always interfered with cbi. Jane knows this and i think its why he took the job among other reasons.
Can a brotha get a Visualize episode !!!

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