Who is Red John?

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Jason Cooper

Jason Cooper
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Here is a route heller could take....i hope..

Make Jason Cooper red john. He is creepy, feminine, and we know nothing about him.
Maybe go the Farragutt route. Cooper was farragutt but faked his death to evade the fbi with the help of Styles.
The fbi was always Visualizes biggest threat as they were trying to arrest Styles for Farragutts death 30 years after the fact for some odd reason. I know this show likes pointless cluess but they brought up Farragutt for no reason so far.
So contrary to what people think Farragutt and Styles are close. Styles was trying to evade the fbi and what better way to than to fake his death? 2pac did it.
Not only that but Styles could ressurect like Jesus for his church just like he wanted.

I have been wondering what the deal with Fischer is . At first i was like ok she sucks but then i realized how irrelevant she really is. Too irrelevant serving no purpose whatsoever. She seems like Visualie to me with her robot personality. She is a visualize mole in the fbi. She hardly talks and takes orders very well. She is obsessed with Jane.
The key moment with her was when she saw Jane took off his wedding ring for their date together. That was the "moment" she spoke of when opening up to Jane.
She was hired by Visualize to watch Jane in mexico too.
Remember she found jane and we all assumed the fbi hired her. BUT Abbott had no idea where Jane was on the island. Wouldnt Fischer call and say he is staying in room blah blah? YES!
At first i thought she was gonna be Janes new love especially when she made him great tea. But no they have not even spoken in 5 episodes.
Maybe forget the whole cooper thing but they should deff play up this Farragutt story line.

How do you find this theory?
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