Who is Red John?

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Kimball Cho

Kimball Cho
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The whole thing started spiralling out of control with the introduction of the BA.  I know that "Tiger Tiger" was there for years, but It could have been nothing more than the fact that RJ's mom read him Blake poetry as a kid after repeatedly dropping him on his head.  Then it was a compulsive thing RJ passed on to his followers.  Before Season 6 I thought of them saying TT as a way of giving PJ a big FU when he thought he was going to get useful info out of someone.  The fact of having a psycho serial killer with a cult like following being the same person that leads a very secretive society of law enforcement offers, not only is unrealistic, but also made it impossible for everything to work together.

Now that everything got convoluted into a giant pile of donkey dung, the only way to salvage the first 5 seasons is to back track a little and separate RJ and the BA.  Let McAllister be the leader of the BA.  Maybe RJ even had a friend inside the BA that helped him out from time to time.  Yes they used TT as a calling card, but that is the only definite link between RJ and BA and could have been RJ's way of selling out the BA, or maybe RJ was actually part of the BA at one point, and got obsessed with the TT thing.  But i would see him as a maybe a member but not the leader.  even if it has to be McAllister, letting him be a creepy local sherriff who moonlights by hacking up girls makes sense, but not the leader of BA.  (On a side note, the biggest error in heller choosing mcallister is the way mcallister was in the beginning.  He couldn't even control his chub long enough to take down GVP, but we are expected to believe that he took down all those other women over the years without screwing up). 

The hot chick from Leverage never said it was RJ that hired and killed her, just that he had the ... tattoo, which was an indication of BA, not RJ.

And no, i don't think it was CHO.  I just picked him to honor the fact that he is the best thing going for the show now that JISBON is intact. 

How do you find this theory?
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