Who is Red John?

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What it all comes down to is if red john really isn't Mcallister. That's the big question. As of 6x8 I probably have to admit that it was true. As pathetic of an ending as it was, that was it. The writers saw the end coming. They decided to without thinking, draw a random name from a hat and pick that guy as RJ. They f'd it up. Totally fubar. So they rushed the ending of a great story while neglecting all things rational. Why'd they rush you ask? They rushed so they'd still have 1/2 a season to do two things....satisfy the jisbon cronies, and maybe with the slightest bit of lick, extend the series one more time with a revamp and change of scenery.

But now what? They got the extension, and can do with it whatever they want. Option 1, 13 episodes of the Walton's incest style. Option 2, BA/Visualize angle to provide a little sense of closure after the RJ fail. Option 3,they decide RJ shouldn't be Mcallister, instead Mcallister was just BA, and was there to deliver a message to Patrick. What message you ask? " the game is over and I won". To my recollection, mcasshole never said the words "I am red john". Instead he was there to give Patrick the message that red john had won. How did he win? He won by convincing Patrick and everyone else that he was Mcallister. Now all he has left to do is wait. Wait for PJ and Lisbon to get together now that their defenses are down. What for them to have a baby. And just as season seven begins, wait for Patrick to leave them home alone.......then season seven starts with another note on the outside of a bedroom in Patricks house.

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