Who is Red John?

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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane
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i kind of get a kick out of the fact that some of these theories still get an "unlikely" vote.  no offense to anyone that clicks it...it does say "unlikely" and not "impossible".  but if the hand we have currently been dealt is a storyline involving a redneck sherrif turned serial killer / criminal mastermind who's demise lead to the incest laden relationship simply to satisfy all the jisboners out there, what isn't plausible???

seriously, if i had posted before 6x8 that McAssclown was going to remove his clark kent style of a costume (sheriff hat and moustache) to reveal that he was not only RJ, but the leader of the BA, only to be derailed by a pigeon.  and that would lead to PJ dancing in a pink sarong and floral blouse.  stack on rigsby taking bullets like a cyborg, and top it all off with the creepiest kiss of all time.  now that would have gotten everybody's "unlikely" vote. 

so now when someone tries to make just a little sense out of the entire debacle, i can't bring myself to call it unlikely, no matter how unlikely it might seem at first read.  at this point, i would have to say a season 7 where cho tracks down rigsby and rips his heart out with his bare hands just so he can finally get a sweet piece of some GVP, or where abbott confesses to being Kirkland's maternal twin, or lisbon admits she is PJ's bilogical sister........after what we've seen, i'd have to vote anything as plausible

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