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Bret Stiles

Bret Stiles
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Can we all at least agree that season 6 sucked donkey nuts.  I mean it may have been the worst season of any tv series i have ever watched. 

Season 6 was a true and complete "jump the shark" moment for this show.  the first 3-4 episodes weren't devestatingly horrible, since they all had a local murder of the week and followed the standard format of the show.  but they were still focused on overloading the audience with ridiculous and over-the-top clues to how each suspect could be RJ.

then came the next 3-4 episodes when the show decided to completely abandon what had mad it successful and focus solely on the RJ chase and loading up on confrontations and action scenes with people banging heads againts windows and pulling killer pigeons out of their asses.

then there was the entire second half of the season filled with soap opera antics and everyone sitting happily around the campfire singing kumbaya.  jane dressed like a slob....lisbon kept falling in love, GVP was pumping out babies, Rigsby was wearing a retro 1984 Michael Jackson pleather jacket, and Cho was making jokes constantly.  Not to mention the new characters.....fishcer the unemotional robot, and abbot who pulled the ultimate 360 from hardass to teddy bear at midseason.  i get that jane lost the stress of RJ, but for every character on the show to completely change personalities!!!!!  what a crock of shhhhh....

and i didn't even mention the excrutionaly long and multiple mid-season breaks the show took to leave us guessing only to come back with this low grade horse piss.

so now i'm completely torn....do i go into season 7 with expecations based on 5 seasons of intense and well written episodes, or do i go into S7 with the noose tight around my neck and the dining room chair i'm standing on wobbling on it's last leg???

How do you find this theory?
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