Who is Red John?

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Lorelei Martins

Lorelei Martins
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This site will never die!!!!
Its just slow bc the show is on a very long hiatus but
when it comes back this site will be cool again.
Cbs pressured this show and ruined it.
But this year they have nothing to lose.
This is the only show ever that has a chance to end as the greatest of all time
Or simply just ehh its a good show.
Why not go out with a bang?

Being it an encore season i see them bringing back some old characters;
Erica Flynn is a definite but i could see Styles, Freye , and Lorelie coming back.
I mean Lorelie was found in a carnival setting with the words ALIVE written on a picture clear as day.
Styles died off camera and Lisbon hinted at his return as well as the actor who plays Haffner.

My slim chance theory...
Rj or the mastermind behind red john is Janes dad.
Janes dad is also Lorelies step father.
Lorelie met Rj when her step father came into her life..
Miranda met Rj when she was reunited with Lorelie and met her step dad.
Then the Ba Killed Miranda because we all know Rj does not rape people.
Lorelie and her Step dad aka Alex Jane devised a plan to take out the Ba with the help of Jane without him even knowing it.
Long shot but either way i am gonna watch, season 7 needs to get here fast!

How do you find this theory?
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