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Wayne Rigsby

Wayne Rigsby
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Red Rigsby

Rigsby and Van Pelt are in the last episode. I have two possible options as to why they are in the finale.
1-Rigsby was definitely a choice for Red John by the writers. The clues are immense and impossible to ignore. Whether they moved on from him being Rj is another question. But no doubt he was a choice.
-Rigsby is Derrick Logan. A troubled teen who was bound by black tape and humiliated by a popular girl in front of his whole class.

Logan later turned to drugs but joined Visualize and got clean. People thought he died.
He started killing only red haired women and of coarse Rj always uses black tape to bound his victims wrist just like he was in high school.
He killed women just like the high school girl who tormented him.

-Rigsbys dads episodes are tell tales of horror.
"Weakness is in the eyes boy" is Mr Rigsby's favorite line. Reminds me of the Rj smiley bleeding from the eyes.
Mr Rigsby pulls out a knife and it scares the shit out of Wayne even as an adult. He most likely saw that knife many times in childhood.
Its a small knife and exactly the type Rj uses to kill.
-We really don't know who killed Todd Johnson and set him aflame.
We assume Olaughlin did it but Rigsby was a suspect for a reason.
-The Bertram usb was definitely not Bertrams. No way he held BA incriminating evidence like that and just left it there. He had no idea it was there. Rigsby wanted Jane to crack the code and take down the Ba. Just like he did.
-the Haibach stuff is insane.
No clue or proof that Haibach tapped all Cbi members, killed La Roche, Ardilles, or broke into Rigsby's house!
Haibach only captured Gvp when he learned he was a suspect.
Maybe someone paid Haibach to capture Gvp and let him know he was a suspect.
-Of coarse the 5 shots to the chest of Rigsby and him walking around like he is fine right after was so odd.
Something is up with that guy!

The way Jane took down the Ba seemed too easy for me.
This high powerful organization was taken down because they hired a random Pi to tap Cho's desk in broad daylight. Also Left her alive long enough to give Jane the tattoo clue.
Jane was given clues like breadcrumbs until Macalister was finally on his lap.
Seemed like someone was leading Jane to the Ba all these years.

2: Rigsby and Gvp are in the final episode for a Jisbon wedding....

How do you find this theory?
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