Who is Red John?

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Wayne Rigsby

Wayne Rigsby
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One thing we often forget it WHY Red john was called Red John?
Because he or she only killed Red Haired women early on in his serial killer career.
So i wish the show would explain why a serial killer broke his pattern?
Seemed like when Rigsby met Grace the red haired killings stopped.
But seriously tho, Rj went from a strict by the rules serial killer using black tape n all to just killing anyone any which way.
Like there was more than 1 red john!
And why all the sudden at the end Red John forgot how to slit necks?
Brett Partridge and Kira Tinsley? If Rj killed them right then Jane would of never found Macalister.
It takes a second to slit a neck too so no excuses!

The show needs to let us know if Red John was really a serial killer or just the Ba leader trying to cover up things.
Bc near the end Rj was not a serial killer at all, no smileys no black tape or specific victims, just random killings of people in his way.

How do you find this theory?
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