Who is Red John?

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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane
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Episode 6 was very cool.
Classic Jane doing his thing and catching the killer with ease.
The tea cup from Lisbon was awesome too!
It brought back so many memories for me.

But i have a question..
Why a week after we learn of Abbots past do we get an episode
that dealt directly with someone who knew about Abbots past?
How convenient was that?
Who is pulling the strings at fbi?
Who out Abbott on this case with his friend from the past?
I forget her name but whos the Fbi directors name?
She is the woman who was on the phone with Minelli with Kirkland in her limo.
I remember last seasons finale, the case Jane completely fabricated was part of a old case dealing with the director of the fbi. I remember hearing her name

How do you find this theory?
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