Who is Red John?

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Wayne Rigsby

Wayne Rigsby
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These FBI advertisements, also known as The Mentalist, are slowly melting my brain. The levels of propaganda on television are staggeringly obvious these days, and I remain troubled by this fact only because I know the stupid mob takes this shit serious, or at least lets the idiot box form opinions about big government being "necessary". 
Why do we have to endure the FBI when CBI, a fictional agency of legal plunder, worked just fine? I mean, why does Cho and the other morons act so serious all the time? And, are we really supposed to find the stench of affirmative action interesting because it is carried on the shoulders of a once great, but entirely dead, series? Finally, does anyone really buy into the jisbon love affair as a possible hook to save this pathetic show/advertisement?
I think, and I am being serious, that I might enjoy this show more now if I were a jingoistic mental defective.

Rigsby is RJ  

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