Who is Red John?

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Walter Mashburn

Walter Mashburn
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Well, guess it's all done and over. "The Mentalist" is a big piece of shite for grannies and teens. I can digest it cause it makes me laugh. So we have 2 more episodes, there'll be a couple of good moments, most of it is gonna be a cheesy bubble gum waste of bad acting and turd. Only way to save it (if they want to continue with a season 8 as there are rumours) : Red John (whoever you had picked up), from a long distance is sitting comfortably, giving his back to the camera, with one of his women watching the fucking wedding with some binocular (or telescope if ya want more drama & comedy) and laughing the shit out of him, while having a cup of tea, memories of that deleted scene.

GREEN : that'd be awesome.
RED      : screw "The Mentalist" and R.J.

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