Who is Red John?

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Grace Van Pelt

Grace Van Pelt
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Whats up everybody!
Long time no see

So i havent seen Simon Baker in an shows or movies so i bet he is taking time off with his family...
But just like Brett Favre who retired like 12 times and came back to football, Baker is gonna get bored and have that itch for acting again...
Maybe hell have other roles...maybe not..
But the fanbase is still very much alive and devoted..
If a new network wants to throw some money Bakers way to bring back the Mentalist,
You think he will take it?

People swear up and down the show is done and it most likely is...
But this is Hollywood and money can do magical things sometimes...

"So Simon, how about we bring the Mentalist back, this time with no Cbs or Bruno Heller calling the shots"
What do you say??..

How do you find this theory?
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