Who is Red John?

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Just a thanks and farewell.  Your theories and comments provided many hours of pleasure.  I'm among those royally p***** at Heller's (random, unconvincing, illogical) choice of Red John.  Many theories posted here were magnitudes better in every way.  I'll re-watch episodes up till 6.8.  Everything after is pathetic.  Thanks for all the fish.

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o  Thomas McAllister - The character is simply creepy.  The fact that he isn't obvious would make it interesting.  (See below for why I ruled out the other 6.)

BTW, I was hoping S6 would be painted on a larger canvas.  Perhaps, RJ and friends could be one tentacle of an international terror/crime network.  That could explain the Homeland Security and FBI's interest in RJ.  Montero--Todd Johnson's friend (a known friend of RJ and serial cop killer)--was a gun-runner serving South/Central American terrorists and/or dictators.  RJ's slaughter of Bosco's team presumably disrupted the investigation of a major, international drug cartel.

Why I ruled out the other 6 RJ suspects:
o  Bob Kirkland - Several S5 shows provided lots of clues that Kirkland could be RJ.  Disappointingly obvious if Heller chose him.  He also comes across as weird and secretive more than evil.
o  Gale Bertram - Bertram was not nervous (per PJ) at the mall before PJ killed Timothy Carter (S3 finale).  Bertram had a plaque for bravery in his office, shown in one Strawberries and Cream episode (S3 finale).  Seems unlikely were he RJ.  He also has little hair--unlike the description of RJ's (blind) mistress, Rosalind Harker.
o  Brett Partridge - Too obvious.  Creepy, yes, but zero charisma. 
o  Ray Haffner - Could be, but he doesn't seem intelligent or evil enough.
o  Bret Stiles - He has the charisma, intelligence and organization.  But he is rather obvious.  He also seems too old.
o  Reede Smith - Could be, but he is too heavy to match Rosalind Harker's description.  So far, he has not been portrayed as intelligent or charismatic enough to be RJ.

. and Brett Partridge seem way too obvious.  The season 5 shows   They would be a let-down.  Bret Stiles seems too old.  Ray Haffner just didn't seem to have the charisma or intelligence.  And Reede Smith does not fit Rosalind Harker's physical description.

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