Who is Red John?

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sorry but YOUTUBE blocked my video in the previous theory, i reuploaded on daily motion 
i hope it works this time


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I posted this theory last week #“`18776” ,

but this time I did
it in a cool Video,


The Suspect is Agent Rick Tork , who appeared out of
no where in the series finale

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Thanks for the all the great theories in this website, RJ
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This is not a theory but i just noticed something strange about the Finale:

Agent Rick Tork (Richard Tork) who only appeared in a small role in Season 4 Episode 2 "Little Red Book" when he was as a part of Haffner's Team.

-Why was he given a prominent Role in the Finale?
-he practically came out of no where 
-any one could have played his role, even Cho could have done his parts 
- he manipulated the Team "including Jane" to pretend to be psychic again to catch Lazarus 
-the way he said "the Wife and Kid thing"
-he also manipulated Abbot and Cho to use the wedding as a trap,
-he seemed really smart
- he has a certain look with slightly red hair kinda like Timothy carter 
-there was a really creepy vibe about him every time the Camera focuses on him
and ya he did shake Jane's Hand when he first met him in Season 4 

I noticed all that while watching the Finale and had a slight hope that Bruno could fix his mistakes before the end, but at the end nothing happened :(

why do you think Bruno gave him such a role in the Finale, is it possible Bruno was trying to Screw with us "RJ Fans" ? the Whole Rick Tork thing just didnt make since to me !!!

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I remember i read a post here about Bruno Heller stealing the idea of the Mentalist and RJ from a show called "Profiler"

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Profiler_(TV_series) ,

any way i think i found something similar:

i was recently watching  one of my favorite  1980's comedy shows called "Sledgehammer" and it just hit me to see where Bruno Heller stole the character of "Brett Partridge" 

first look at this clip from the mentalist " the mentalist pilot " the Ghoul clip"


thenlook at this scene from "Sledge Hammer" 1988 show at second 3:15 of the video
am I wrong both characters even look alike and he used the exact same words " a Ghoul who enjoys his work"


what do you guys think?

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 This is a reply to Theory #1041 • By lambandtiger1

 First Read his Note:

"It's about a couple things I found
interesting in 'The Crimson Hat' (season 4 finale).

One word that Red John says when he meets Patrick has always kept me curious. 

- Hello, Patrick.
- How you doing?
- Debonair at all costs, huh?
- When did you know?
- Oh, you strung me along for a good long while. Well done.

Debonair – adjective
1. courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm: a debonair gentleman.
2. jaunty; carefree; sprightly.

you go back and watch the final scene on YouTube
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pDqVYNtTso4#t=130s -
use that link to go to the exact moment I'm talking about) and you'll
see the street where the limo is being chased is called Rainer Av, which
is intersected by Debonair Way. Coincidence? Heller told us to watch every scene of The Crimson Hat carefully."

End of Quote

NOW My logical explanation is that when Red John said the word Debonair its because he was looking at the street sign while on the phone with Patrick ,
if you look at the chase scene at 2:10

when Agent Susan Darcy intercepted the Limo she was in a place where she could see the Debonair sign in front of her , so my guess she could be Red John or may be RJ is the FBI Agent who was with her in the Car.

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