Who is Red John?

Theories of Teachermom3 (1)

This is a wild theory I know, and I am throwing the list aside... I am not entirely alone in believing the possibility that Red John is our dear Sam Bosco. There is not one other person I can think of that would not only be an enormous surprise, but also create a huge wave of emotion, from all of our key characters especially Jane and Lisbon. Could be this helps explains their long separation. How emotionally conflicting would it be?! have not watched and studied episodes numerous times, but the timing of Sam's "death" and the circumstances surrounding seem to make it plausible. As I recall Sam's conversation with Jane on the roof top, his characterization of Jane carries a similar tone to Red John's note. His affection for Theresa explains why certain events play out the way they do in the series. Perhaps that episode with her psychologist drugging her etc. was an attempt to draw her into the Blake Organization? In the very least, it would facilitate bugging her or her office, or Jane for that matter. Now, I know Jane bugged Bosco's office, and to our knowledge he didn't hear anything incriminating. To Bosco's credit, he also discovered it... Bosco's exit seemed premature, and in my opinion, was one an emotional highlight for Lisbon. He being Red John would crush her, and turn the CBI team's world upside down in an emotional way no one else could other than it being one of themselves. In my eyes, this hasn't JUST been Jane's journey. The entire CBI team has been along for the ride, especially Lisbon. Personally, I think Baker and Tunney are a writer's dream, because they have the talent to play a wide range of emotion, and Bosco as RJ would open the door for that in a way no other character would. Most procedural dramas aren't blessed with such skilled actors, and I am hoping for an end befitting of their talent and our loyalty. Robin Tunney did say she was as surprised with the choice as if it it had been her... Logical theory, maybe not, but impossible? It may not connect ALL the dots, but none of the theories I've read does. As fans we'd likely be suspicious of a suspects death in a current or even recent season, but of a beloved character dating back to season two. Now THAT would be CLEVER!

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