Who is Red John?

Theories of Thessy (1)

Things we learned from the mentalist

1- Always bring a pigeon with yourself when you're meeting a mastermind serial killer, they're the ultimate weapon.
2 - When a person hurt and bleeding walks towards you, you scream like he is the devil instead of calling an ambulance.
3- Serial killers usually suck at rock, paper, scissors
.4 - Whenever an important witness, RJ contact oranyone with RJ-related information comes along, be certain to leave thenin an unlocked and unsupervised room so that RJ or one of his minionscan kill them.
5 - Don't ever watch anything Bruno Heller is involved with again!
6 - Always bring a female assassin to protect you AFTER you get shot. And also arm her only with a knife instead of a gun.
7 - When your boss tells you to pat someone down, don't just check for agun. Please make sure to notice any suspicious birds, too.
8 - Psychics can predict names on a list but cannot predict someone strangling them to death.
9 - Six years of clues does not matter. :(
10 - It's better to have a fear of heights, than to be afraid of birds. That will get you killed.
11 - When frisking someone, double check to make sure they aren't hiding a pigeon.


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