Who is Red John?

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I figured we can get some more cool theories goin on this site. I'll start with something most don't seem to think about. When it came to using the voice as a clue to who Red John was, it should have been obvious that it was a terrible thing to focus on. Which was why McAllister used the voice at the church scene. It was Heller's way of giving everyone who used the voice as a clue the big middle finger. So many of us focused so much on that and were SO sure that Partridge was the culprit. Anyways, what I wanted to say about the whole "voice as a clue thing", is that there was, in fact, a second voice that most of us forgot about. Remember when they went to Mexico to try and save Renfrew before RJ got there but they failed? And we all focused on the "He is Mar" messege attempt. At the very end of that episode, that prostitute's cell phone ringed and Jane answered it listing to someone breathing and then laughing. Listen closely to that voice. Does it sound anything like the high-pitched voice? Or even McAllister's regular voice? To be perfectly honest, it sounded a lot like Minelli. I always found it odd that he suddenly had to go visit his "sick sister in Hawaii". I'm pretty sure he was setting up his trap for Renfrew.Also , on another note, I re-watched the 100th episode and when Jane was asking Minelli about the leads on the RJ case, Minelli began to look suspicious and when Jane asked if there were any suspects he immediately looked away as if something came to mind or some guilt was taking place. I also notice when Minelli looked away, Jane looked at him as if he was observing him.
Just a little something to get this site rolling again. Let me know what you guys think. If you guys are still around.

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