Who is Red John?

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Well there were many things that were kind of strange so i hope maybe you could help me. Just watched the last episode and was kind of shocked that thats supposed to be the end....wasnt realy a good end to me but nevermind....my actual question is....there was one scene where Kirkland is in his office and his putting janes map together and he mixes himself a red drink with a celery in it and there i had to think about what red jonhs misstress said: I wonder that you didnt become best friends when you shook his hand because you are so similar....i remeber also an episode where jane drank that same drink....and i dont believe in conincidents at least not in tv shows. And also the fact that Kirkland killed the only guy who knew Red John in the Hospital and if he realy was hunting him why did he kill him? Besides that, in which way was jane and Mc Allester similar? And also that this weirdo was tapping all of their phones....i doubt that he would have the skills to just listen to FBI agents. Next to that when Bertram was in the Church and was about to shoot Jane he said that he didnt know Red John and that he was a high ranked member...i dont see a point in lying to a man that i am certain to kill in a few moments. So i would realy appreciate if someone help me with that

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