Who is Red John?

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Alicia Witt as Rosalind Harker could portray a fantastic Red John character for the Mentalist Show; giving it a glorious story.
Imagine what a great potential the scene would have,
where Patrick would find out to his astonishment,

that Roselind Harker isn't blind and is Red John!
Ok now I have it, going with the concept that Red John (so she)
is a supreme hypnotic & psychological manipulator,

who managed to infiltrate diverse fed organizations,
by making some of it members sub to her and such in time
establishing a multilayer-complex-sect-like-organisation

with many diverse & devoted members,
that we got later to know on the show as the Blake Association.
One episode starts, that Jane gets informed by his CBI friends,

maybe Lisbon or so, who talks & shows photos to him
about the (supposed) former lover of Red, John Rosalind Harker,
being killed by Red John.

Patrick only gets to see photos of the autopsy or something like this.
Then Jane starts to think that Red John was scared that trough her
he could track him;
so Patrick still thinking its a man, like also the audience. Then somehow in the end of the episode Patrick admits
he cant beat Red John, he is to good for him;

this to the pleasure of Red John, who observes Janes moves.
In the end of that episode Red John contacts Patrick with a letter:
,,I am glad you finally understood.

(& writes on) Maybe we can unfold your understanding even more"
& gives Patrick with the letter a invitation,

where he will finally meet with him & of course advising in it
Patrick to come alone, without his friends.
Then in the next episode of the show we see how Patrick
accepts the invitation, seemingly tricking his friends,

that they don't get to know what he is up to & they can such stay safe,
as also, because he is willing to sacrifice himself to kill Red John

& knows that his friends wouldn't allow him to do so,
but its the very possible outcome if he wants to succeed in killing Red John.

So Jane goes on some hidden street very early in the morning (like 4 AM), so its still dark. Then he sees a noble car standing alone, which blinks.
He goes to it, the door opens, he gets in.
In the car are two members of the tiger organization;
one sitting on back sit with Patrick,
checking him for weapons
but not finding any & the other member drives it.
Patrick unusually don't trying to talk & manipulate them,
just being still and looking at the window. Then the driver says:
,,So we are driving to a special place for you.
Red John said you would like it". They drive to the graveyard,
where Janes wife & daughter have they're graves.
The car arrives, Patrick goes out & smiles to himself.
Accompanied by the 2 Blake association members, he sees from behind,
in the distance at the grave of his family, a figure standing.
The members are convoying Patrick to him and as he getting closer
the tension about revealing Red Johns identity is rising.
Then for example he could be the Sheriff or also this rich guy
or some one completely different, but dressed in a elegant black suit
with something red on it. The supposed Red John turns to Jane
and says: ,,We have now 2 options.
One, you knee & i can make you to meet with your family
( in very dark sarcasm) or you join me and became a high ranked member, because i rely enjoyed your determination and sharp mind.
I could show you a world you couldn't even imagine existed."
Patrick says to him:

,,I have to admit you transformed me, so i have to look what I have become" & gives the supposedly real Red John his hand.
They shake hands & John starts to talk more to Patrick
what part of he became now & so.
Jane doing like he would be shocked & amazed by the revelation

& asking some things on it, such prolonging the conversation;
but then after a while Red John starts to cough, and spills blood,
then sinks to the ground.

The 2 bodyguards around are in panic. Patrick smiles & says:
,,I have prepared a poison on my hand, because for all the time,
not only I tried to figure out how to find you,

but also how i could manage to kill you,
because i knew it would be very hard & you would use guards
and so i came up with this method;

also i don't care if your man will kill me now, most important to me is,
that you will be no longer able to terrorize anyone more!
Also i am very sure,
that without you as leader your organization
will surly also fall apart." It looks like Patrick really killed Red John.
Wants to knee on the grave,
to be executed near his wife and daughter. Then one of the bodyguards, who didn't really panic before, says:
,,Oh Patrick did you really think I wouldn't be prepared for
one of your tricks, you should by now know,
that i am greater at this then you.

This man was just a decoy used to deflect your possible attack on me."
So this bodyguard who was sitting with Jane in the car is now supposedly revealing himself
as the real Red John.
With this looking like being the ultimate turn of events,
making the audience now really believe it is now the real one.

He goes on with his talk: ,,Now know Patrick that you killed the wrong man, as also even a innocent one
(maybe revealing it was b movie actor who was tricked by Red John
to think that he was making with Patrick a scene for a thriller movie).

Failing again in front of your family!"
The supposed really real Red john says:,,Now time to say bye bye"
and points a gun on him.

Patrick looks shocked & angry, saying:
,,You cant, please give a man before execution one last wish
John says: ,,The time of playing is over
Then we hear a shot & the camera goes of scene, filming the clouds
(its already being bright like 5 AM) suggesting Patrick was shot,
but it was fake ammunition.

The camera swings back & we see Patrick is still alive.
Then from behind, his shoulders are touched by a female hand
who says to him in a tender voice:

,,Say Patrick, how did you feel. Did this twist torn you soul."
He turns and sees Rosalind in a sexy red dress with open eyes (not blind) looking on him.

Jane saying:
,,so You are..(don't saying the name Red John but implying), but how!?", Rosalind: ,, I think you can imagine",

,,You infiltrated the feds & also some members of
the medical department-autopsy & faked your death!"
Rosalind: ,,How sharp, that's what i always liked about you;

also you know i am very captivated by you; but i hope you got it by now.
So I will take you to my residence,
but before maybe you want
to say a last goodbye to your wife & daughter
. "
Patrick smiles at her and turns to the grave & knees
and makes a praying position,
then speaks out loud:
,,I am so very sorry that i directed attention of this very crazy & bad person on me & such you, leading to your cruel deaths.

It demolished my heart but i sworn on this hateful void of my heart,
that i would use this dark power to devour your killer & Finally i can do so!

Even if giving with it only a little bit of salvation for you."
Rosalind-Red John is astonished about this gesture
that's implying he didn't give up
& thinks he can do something about her. Then boom, we hear loud shoots. Patrick's friends from a far sniped,
hitting the two bodyguards in the head, instantly killing them.

Then quickly Patrick grabs the gun from one of the bodyguard on
the ground, Rosalind still in shock & he points the gun on her.

Patrick:,,Oh you didn't expect this outcome, honestly i also didn't",
She smiles & says: ,,Indeed it looks like you surpassed me!

So you had a back up plan with your friends sniping."
RosaLind:,,So you figured out i would like to meet you here?"

Jane:,,That was the key to it all. I thought what could you use
to manipulate my feelings. How you want to sink even deeper in my mind.

Then i knew, the only one that is left for me,
on which you would think you could & surly would be able to do so; breaking my mental guard,

would be the grave of my wife and daughter.
Yeah you thought that between this extreme tension
of my hate towards you & love to my family,

you have the setting to confuse & manipulate me;
even putting such a show on.
So that how I knew that is the place you would meet me.

Imagine, after i was driven by your subordinates to the grave,
how joyful it made me, because I knew i would be now able to kill you,

because even if my hand trick would not work,
my friends would be a fail safe & so or so, you wouldn't get alive here.

I was just surprised the bodyguard wasn't it.
Glad that my friends didn't shoot at him & so making you escape.

I didn't see you, but they did see how you approached me from behind, judging right, that you wouldn't kill me, just scare me.
Also I imagine, because of your red dress they figured out that you are
Red John. I also figured out that you infiltrated the CBS and FBI,

so i could only trust my friends, only them.
Just saying you this all, so that you know that for a long time now
i knew about my position & your capabilities
in your perverted game
& just let you think I wouldn't know your supreme position, so in this way someday you would be compelled to invite me
& now we are here & its ends with your dead."
She smiles & quickly goes at him, hugs him & kiss him intensely on his lips

& at the same time he fires multiple times on her torso or belly.
There Faces are close, She stops kissing him
& in pain but also somehow in smile,
gives him last look before closing her eyes. This smile of hers irritates little bit Patrick
but he looks in relief as also sorrow on her.

Then her hands let off his body & she drops to the ground.
Patrick see how from afar his friends coming to him.

Standing before him they say:
,,You did it; it really worked! You are a MAGICIAN",

He smiles at them back but then he turns to the grave
of his wife & daughter & with a relived face he also drops; on the grave.

His friends are shocked, calling his name. He realized that in her kiss
she poisoned him. She probably planned to kill him this way
from the beginning,
knowing he would never accept her, but he is just glad he revenged his family & can now meet with them.
& then there would be another & final episode of the show after this, showing this events from the perspective of his CBI Friends.
Ending with his funeral ceremony, where in the ending scene Lisbon speaks how she meet him & felt about him & how she saw him
& how with time she got to like him & his ways
& what he changed in her as also in her friends for the better;
ending in the words,

that he was a wonderful father for his family.

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