Who is Red John?

Theories of redrosalind (1)

So in Green Thumb, Jane sends Abbott the list of Blake Association members.  Abbott says all of them were caught or retired by the FBI.  Jane says he blacked out the ones who weren't (which is a lie, because they never could decode Bertram's encrypted file).
Rosalind Harker is on the list (so she was arrested). I interpret that she was a follower (not just a lover) of Red John.  The description she gave of Roy COULD NOT BE TRUSTED!  She probably made all of it up.  That is why she couldn't just be questioned about Red John with the expectation of real answers.  Its just like Lorelei, Jane was with her a lot.  And the only info he ever really got from her was that he had met Red John (which she revealed by accident).
Back to the list in green thumb, even though its fake, there has to be blake association members still out there.

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