Who is Red John?

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Ok I’m so late ! I just watched the 6x08 episode and I’m so disappointed, this is the worst thing to do. That « RJ Reveal ».....

To me, Brett Partridge is/was Red John ! That McAlister thing is funny … RJ is a narcissist, with a twisted mind and he is extremely violent to commit such murders. RJ is charismatic and his voice is supposed to be high .... But McAlister is calm, not crazy and is so afraid of Jane. His voice isn't even RJ voice...and  I wouldn’t even fear this man …

So my theory is RJ is Brett Partidge.

Here's Why :
 - I'm French and this is the actor's french voice that has been used in 2x23 and 6x01 .. So to me it was the biggest clue
- He's an RJ expert 
- He hates Jane 
- He looks uncomfortable and uncapable of emotion just like a psycopath will do
- He is mannered and precious just like Jane
- He's the only one who act like he was totally innocent (6x01) when Jane confronts him
- His first line was "Red John Enters" and creators could have use it 
- He's excited by morbid things and even a genius like him couldn't resist his pulsions
About MCAlister - he's older than 40 when Partridge has the right age 
-He's isn't afraid of Heights when RJ is.
- He said he regretted killing Jane's wife and daughther when RJ would never say such thing
- He said he "won't be punished for what he did" (4x22) but then suddenly he repents ? NO WAY
And so much more ... 

So i'll keep this idea in my head because this is the only one who's really cool and that make sense.

I won't even watch the show after this Episode because it is unecessary. Jane is what he is because of what RJ did. The "reveal" happened then there's no interest in the show anymore ... 
I needed to tell you what i though because i could've never thought a show could disapointed me taht way ...

Argue on this theory or rate it.
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