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Yeah, OK so they did the unthinkable by hooking these two up with a
nauseating sentimental send-off.  Let's talk about all the extra stupid
sh*t that went on in these last two episodes. 
1.  Lisbon walks into
what could be a crime scene without waiting for back-up. (Obviously she
has forgotten all the rules of the FBI and basic cop training not to
mention her little "incident" with Red John when she was found lying in
pigeon poop.)
2.  The expensive wedding shower and banquet that
Abbott has graciously prepared and went all out to host Jane and
Lisbon's day is carelessly chucked off and abandoned by them without an
ounce of concern.  Right, like a hormonal Lisbon wouldn't have thought
of this.  Oy-vey. 
3.  I'm stopping here because I can't go on
without a vomit bag.... Baker's final scene that he is taking credit for
writing.  "Dude, I have no words.  What were you thinking?  Who got to
you?  Jisboners?  Your wife?  Did you just give up?  Pfffftttt! 
Typical.  That had to be the most ridiculous scene EVER!  I'm going to
go out on a limb here and say that Lisbon did NOT just find out about
her bun-in-the-oven that morning.  All her speeches about honesty and open communication... yep... out the window."

Thanks.  I feel somewhat lighter.

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To me it doesn't make sense how this show Ended. as we could see on the Final Episode the Killer Lezarus goes to Janes and Lisbons new House, but why? What for? They just ended  the Show just like a Swiss Cheese with lots of wholes in it!

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I really wish that i never watched this show. 
Epic Fail

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I  stated here that be prepared another "LOST".Especially BH put the three-dots sign as identificaton of Tiger-Tiger member's hand, what a stupid move!!!

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This is not a theory but i just noticed something strange about the Finale:

Agent Rick Tork (Richard Tork) who only appeared in a small role in Season 4 Episode 2 "Little Red Book" when he was as a part of Haffner's Team.

-Why was he given a prominent Role in the Finale?
-he practically came out of no where 
-any one could have played his role, even Cho could have done his parts 
- he manipulated the Team "including Jane" to pretend to be psychic again to catch Lazarus 
-the way he said "the Wife and Kid thing"
-he also manipulated Abbot and Cho to use the wedding as a trap,
-he seemed really smart
- he has a certain look with slightly red hair kinda like Timothy carter 
-there was a really creepy vibe about him every time the Camera focuses on him
and ya he did shake Jane's Hand when he first met him in Season 4 

I noticed all that while watching the Finale and had a slight hope that Bruno could fix his mistakes before the end, but at the end nothing happened :(

why do you think Bruno gave him such a role in the Finale, is it possible Bruno was trying to Screw with us "RJ Fans" ? the Whole Rick Tork thing just didnt make since to me !!!

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I had spent a good time on this site before red john was revealed and shared my theories. As most of you I didn´t care about Jisbon and watched most episodes before season 6 at least 3-4 times.

They say it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey. Well, I would prefer to be respected though. The writers accepted that they had no idea who RJ was before season 6, and neither did they have any idea about the clues. And a time came where no writer could write an ending to RJ storyline that can explain everything well. They messed up that bad. I could though, if they had asked me, even for free...

Well, good riddance The Mentalist. I am just glad it is dead, as it is worse to see it suffer like the last 2 seasons. 

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I've been enjoying following this forum for years, and this is the first time I've posted a comment.

I was holding out hope until the very end that we'd find out that Thomas McAllister as Red John was a really 'long con' and we'd finally have closure for all those unresolved clues. I told myself, '2 episodes are enough - it could be done in 2 episodes!' then, '1 episode is enough - it COULD be done in 1 episode!' When I finally had to accept there'd be no closure I was pretty disappointed.

It sounds to me from reading Bruno Heller's TVLine interview that Peter Roth at Warner Brothers forced him to prematurely end the Red John storyline at very short notice. Obviously Bruno Heller had to say that in a nice way in an interview, but I'd like to think he was as frustrated about it as many of us are.

I'd LOVE to have the opportunity to talk to Bruno Heller and ask him what his intentions were with many of the clues, for example, 'He is Mar'. I felt pretty certain that was going to turn out to be Marcus Pike, and maybe he'd REALLY be Michael Kirkland! I'd like to think Bruno Heller actually DID have intentions for all of those clues, and didn't just think, 'This will be an interesting clue and we'll worry about resolving it later!'

I've been reading the thementalist.wikia.com and there ARE actually some good answers there to clues I didn't think were ever resolved, for example, Bob Kirkland killing Jason Lennon has always bugged me, but I think there's a pretty good answer for that on the wiki.

I've heard that after a divorce it's healthy to 'grieve for what might have been' so I guess that's kind of what we're all doing by posting to this forum. It's certainly been therapeutic for me to write this post!

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