Who is Red John?

Theory #10129 • by GreenAcres


Harker Rosalind

Harker Rosalind
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For the long shot I go with Rosalind. She is misleading them with false clues, she's not really blind (the smiley face is a 'I see you but you can't see me' message. Connected from carnival days, possibly related to stiles. RJ disappears for a season, Rosalind is in witness protection. I think she has leverage against TT and blackmails to keep them covering her identity, although they do so without actual knowledge of her name etc, but also has followers loyal to her. Abuse me all you want, it's my opinion and we are all entitled to one! If you disagree, so be it. I also wonder if PJ himself could be RJ. I don't know. The fun is in the guessing.

How do you find this theory?
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