Who is Red John?

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Thomas McAllister

Thomas McAllister
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I think the list is the RJ did Jane ... because he could not guess as psychic RJ hates that. Patrick is again manipulated by Rj.
Rj is the sheriff all over the profile block Rj is the mentor of Dumar = Marshall Hardy
heller said to be like looking for wally 2x10 watch the driver
Sheriff is the one who says "hi patrick"
in a poem by W. Blake is a phrase
Among the lambs, dressed in white,He walked with her ​​Thomas in sweet delight.I cried with joy, like a dove I mourn;Oh! When will there?
When RJ saves PJ look at the shoes and then shoes look 6x03
Episode 4x24 end the police car look at the smoke leaving the desert comes not from the street ... a sting operation by the cbi-fbi
It smells like pine
He is mar = marshal = sheriff

How do you find this theory?
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