Who is Red John?

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Thomas McAllister

Thomas McAllister
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Well it was clear that someone put a bomband I have no idea what will happen in the chapter on Sunday so mojare me with what I came up way home.
One of 3 Tigers put a bomb on the couch, because he knows what the 3 pointsperhaps this under your hat or put on (remember that is stealthy to move)
when lifting the 3 tigretones jane leads to one side of the room, and one of3 someone tries to take the gun and there jane bomb explodesStiles dead and Haffner (the sheriff disappears) Bertram and smith did not know that the sheriff was rjand for dead and people say that is rj smith applause and everything ends. in that go by the sheriffIn the News Jane Smith be blamed Rjwhile the sheriff is tracking (flashback)rj see life as a young man to the next chapter, but I think equallywill define Bertram's letters and Sheriff

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