Who is Red John?

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Summer Edgecombe

Summer Edgecombe
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It still baffles me, Partridge was killed in a house filled with Pigeons. Supposedly it was Red John who murdered him and then put Partridges blood over Lisbons face.

The brutality of the murder and the Lisbon bit would suggest it was indeed Red John.

Here's the baffling bit, Jane got the upper hand on Sheriff Thomas McAllister [Red John] thanks to a pigeon. So how on earth could he keep his composure to do what he did to Partridge and Lisbon in a house with tonnes of pigeons?

McAllister is either not Red John or we've witnessed some major inconsistencies.

For the sake of my enjoyment, I choose to tell myself that Patrick knows this. He knows McAllister wasn't Red John.

How do you find this theory?
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