Who is Red John?

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Summer Edgecombe

Summer Edgecombe
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You know how there was this one episode that Jane reflects on his carni days throughout the episode? Like when he was younger how he was helping his father scam people etc etc.. 

WELL.. I think they should dedicate one WHOLE episode instead of a reflection (they actually did that really well, like provide a back story etc) on the development of Red John like how he started.. with the Visualize barn and everything and eventually maybe dedicate the last 10/15 minutes on the clues we received throughout the seasons.. and maybe how Red John contacted Timothy Carter and everything, where all our unanswered questions will make sense and see how each one relates to another. 

I HOPE THEY DO THIS! I will feel so satisfied. 

PS Sorry if someone already mentioned this, just expressing my thoughts :P

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