Who is Red John?

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Gale Bertram

Gale Bertram
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Two simple questions: Season 3 finale.

- Why does Timothy Carter show up? PJ and his team think they figured out that Bertram was the CBI spy. So PJ told only him to meet in that mall with Hightower right? How could Craig O'Laughlin found out since he was RJ's accomplice? Did van Pelt tell him? I doubt so. How did RJ get to know of the meeting with Hightower?

- After PJ tells Betram that they found Hightower he immediately calls somebody. Did he call Bob Kirkland since he is indebted to tell him about every move PJ does? If he called him how could RJ find out? Or did he call some of his BA accomplices? But who the hell would tell a country sheriff who's nothing to do with city life? I doubt that Betram called McAllister. He said himself nobody within the BA society knows about his identity.

Maybe I'm missing something. These were just some question that came to my mind when i rewatched Season 3 finale... best episode ever ;'(

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