Who is Red John?

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Reede Smith

Reede Smith
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Reede shortened to Red, for when he was on the visualize farm.  He wanted to be called Red.  John just like smith means regular bloke.  He claims to be a low man on the totem pole, but he is higher ranking than McAllister.  He can tell MCAllister what to do.  In an interview with a judge present, he flipped out at Jane.  He wanted to just get rid of Jane, because he is Jane's antagonist.  Reede Smith created Red John with the first murders @ the Red Barn - on the visualize farm.  He got visualize to help him cover the murders up; he sold himself into Stiles' debt.  As payback, Stiles orders other members to force McAllister to cover up the mistake Reede Smith has made.  McAllister is the cleaner for Stiles' mafia.  As an officer, he was able to protect himself by finding out information that only police knew.  He uses what they know to create the perfect patsy.  His temper is what makes him really guilty looking.

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