Who is Red John?

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Dean Harken

Dean Harken
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Dean Harken is the brother of Harker Rosalind (theoretically).  Harker Rosalind had an illness that led to her going blind.  Ruskin-Jane could be translated to mean Red John.  Ruskin is a surname that  may be of early medieval English origin, and is a diminutive of the female given name "Rose, Royse", popularly associated with the flower, but in fact originally from a Germanic personal name. This is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 in the form "Rothais", composed of the elements "hrod", renown, and "haid(is)", kind, sort. Rosekin (without surname) is noted in the 1220 Feet of Fines of Essex. Jane is a feminine form of the name Johannes (like Johannes Sebastian Bach).  It is also a source for the English name John.  Hence, red john is Ruskin-Jane.   Dean Harken is looking for revenge, because Harker  Rosalind is the girl that Jane scammed - as a child.  Her grandma thought she was getting cured, so she stopped the medical treatment.  Harker goes blind, and it is Jane's fault.  Dean swears revenge.Dean Harken killed some people, so he could get ready to exact revenge.  He had been dreaming of killing, and he killed the first group that got in his way.  They were drugging him.  Dean was known as the smiley face killer, until he had "Orval Tanner" tell everybody his name.  Dean probably thought he could frame Jane for a murder.  Nobody knew about the murders on the red barn, so he had to commit more.  Once Dean found Jane's name, he tracked him down.  He got into visualize, and he does private security ( for rich people).  He can track people down.  The family knows the name of the circus, and tracked Jane down.  Jane starts trying to solve the murders, and Dean thinks his plan has backfired.  He sends in Orval Tanner to tell everybody that the killer is Red John.  Tanner is a name that is the same as Ruskin.  Dean Harken change orval Tanner's family name, so it could look like he was in cahoots with the Ruskins & Janes.  McAllister visits Harker Rosalind - which probably is a fake name, so she can't be traced back to Dean.  Dean is very meticulous & careful.  The Ruskins work with the big metal - which Dean Harken knows from stalking the Ruskin-Janes.  Dean creates cut iron or tagliaferro to trap Jane, and make him meet harker Rosalind. 

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