Who is Red John?

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Thomas McAllister

Thomas McAllister
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The person who killed Ardiles is sending a message to the ol' CBI. Jane's team are being "hunted" by the Blake Association. I suspect Wylie from the FBI. Followers of Red JOhn believe he was intelligent and respectable. They shared the same gnostic beliefs about their "soul" guidign them always doing god's work. Well, the theme of the killing that is about to go down is that the CBI gang is being hunted. Its a tribute to Red John, head of the Blake association. That message for G. VanPelt is the hunter stalking his prey. Ardiles could have been unsuspecting thinking he could lure in Lisbon for Tiger Tiger. However, the killer wanted them to know they are being "hunted' - because it is a tribute to Blake's poem Tiger, Tiger, which is about a hunter. Why would Ardiles call Lisbon about a "bugged" phone? Heller is bringing back the Blake Association. There might be some sniper shooting @ the old CBI gang. The motif will be that they are being hunted. Heller won't say it directly, but it will be implied. There might be traps set.  McAllister said "I've been a hunter most o'my life".  He was even hunting from his police cruiser, once when somebody called him.

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