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Harker Rosalind

Harker Rosalind
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Episode analysis : Season 1 Finale.

Red john picks a family with old money and kills there troubled daughter and keeps the good daughter alive for a prize for sheriff hardy dumar tanner .
-One thing i realized was that during that time we did not know how smart red john was .
So we assumed like jane that the clues in this episode were worth somethings.
-Red john WANTED jane to check into the plane that drew the smiley face. WANTED them to find the po box with a letter from roasalind. Red john wanted jane to see the name roy taglioferra and WANTED jane to meet Rosalind Harker who most likely lied about everything.
- We assumed jane was learning things about red john when really red john was just planting misdirection.
-Red john got his girl and wanted Dumar Tanner to get caught just like his dad.
-There was no plan to kill Jane in that house Red john knew he/she could get away easily snd knew Dumar would get caught. Why else was Red john in a locked room? He coulda just came out and take jane instead of doing it 5 minutes latet like Dumar thought was gonna happen.
-Red john wants jane to think he is roy tagliaferra but he is not !
Either Rosalind was deliberately misleading jane or never dated red john herself . Red john drew his face on her wall for jane to see. He wants jane to believe he was roy.
Why? Maybe red john has beef with roy and wants jane to look into him.
Red john does not rape and she carved the name roy .

Lots of misdirection in that episode and i cant wait till the show comes back.
The twin sisters were chosen for a reason. This reminds me of brett styles and the visualize scene with the two girls.
Red john seems more like a visualize vigilante than a currupt cop that helps other cops.

How do you find this theory?
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