Who is Red John?

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Sam Bosco

Sam Bosco
Suspected in 30 theories


How did Red John get the 7 names on the list?

How come he had to kill Bret Partridge in that house at that exact time?

Who was the woman in the church?

What happened to Kristina Frye?

What about Erica Flynn? After she used Jane to scape from prison Jane promissed he would catch her and bring her back to jail.

And what about Hightower? Jane promissed her he would let her know when he killed Red John so she could stop hiding. Did he just forget about it?

What about the list of BA members? Abbot has to ask Jane for more names eventually.

Who is 'Mar'? Marcus Pike?

We need answers and we are running out of time.

How do you find this theory?
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