Who is Red John?

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Reede Smith

Reede Smith
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i have a 30 year old single female that sits next to me at work.  through discussions with her, i realize that single women of her age either obsess over their 16 pet cats, or they obsess over TV shows.  the problem is that people like her (TV obsessed) are the ones that go on message boards and scream for Jisbon.  More power to them.  If they can't find love in life, i guess the gallon tub of ice cream and tv romance gives them the warm and fuzzy.  I do believe though, that this demographic is the one that spends more time online posting and hoping for all shows to become romantic.  The demographic that preferred the RJ storyline was just as big, but while they watch the show, don't express their feelings as much.  basically, i think that Jisbon gets more run online than RJ simply because those that like Jisbon are the type that spend more time stalking tv shows online than those that preferred RJ (minus the hardcore fans on this site of course). 

Of the 7 listed suspects, everyone agreed that Reede Smith was the biggest longshot.....and so do I.  But of the original 7, he is the only one that is confirmed to still be alive......

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