Who is Red John?

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Gale Bertram

Gale Bertram
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This isn't really a theory, but on the first episode in Season 6, Desert Rose, Jane and Lisbon are in that diner/bar in the middle of desert while doing a case. As Jane and Lisbon are talking, you see someone exit the diner holding a straw hat. Later on, you see that same person again walking in while holding the hat. You can't tell who it is because the background is blurry and everything is focused on Jane and Lisbon, but from the looks of it, the person looks like Bertram. The way that person is dressed is similar to the way Bertram was dressed on episode 8 season 6 when Bertram is in the gas station.

Is this really anything, or am I just looking at pointless things in the background? If this is Bertram, or someone suspicious, can this relate or foreshadow anything related to Red John?

How do you find this theory?
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