Who is Red John?

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Bob Kirkland

Bob Kirkland
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We know Bob Kirkland had a twin brother, and we know Reede Smith shot Kirkland 6 times - in the back.  We also know The Blake Association has not been identified, even by the FBI.  The turn of events that led to the climatic bout between Patrick Jane and Thomas McAllister involved a rouse that Red John planned.  The rouse was supposed to make people think McAllister was dead.  Bret Stiles & FBI agent Ray Haffner are supposedly dead as a result of an explosion that supposedly killed McAllister.  Perhaps nobody died (in the explosion), and all of them are part of the blake association.  We could see Bob Kirkland's brother come out as a killer, menacing people as Lazarus - pretending to have been dead, since he disappeared.  Or Bob Kirkland sacrifices his brother to engage Jane on a "sadistic" level of hunting.  Lazarus is from the bible, he is the man brought back to life.  Of course, Lazarus could be a connection to any member of the blake association that is presumed dead.  Stiles may have started a thrill-kill cult and anarchy will be ensuing.  however I think the end of the series will be somewhat less action-packed a little more melodramatic.  Basically, if you can think it will happen, it will happen - this season.

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